We have ceased operations as of September 1, 2021. Existing users please reach out to support for assistance with your service.

Flat Rate Unlimited Cell Phone Service

Nationwide 4G LTE and truly unlimited data – $40/month

We are a small team of industry veterans who are tired of the status quo. We know all the tricks of the trade, and have connections with all the right people. We used our collective experience and knowledge to design the best cell phone plan we can imagine.


Our unlimited flat rate cell phone service is unlike anything else in the market. Not only do you get the best nationwide 4G LTE service, you also never have to worry about bills, bill cycles, or overages. A simple, flat monthly $40 fee gets you service for the entire month.

Included services:

Feature Capacity Additional Notes
Calling Unlimited Numbers in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands
Messaging Unlimited Includes international messaging to 200+ countries
Data Unlimited (Not throttled) Depends on device capability and available coverage
4G LTE Unlimited (voice & data) Voice over LTE (VoLTE) requires compatible devices for both parties
Tethering Unlimited Up to 5 simultaneous mobile hotspot connections
Call Forwarding Unlimited Forwarded calls must be U.S. phone numbers
Number Transfer Free Requires existing account information


Feature Capacity Additional Notes
International Dialing Restricted VOIP services such as Skype or FaceTime still work
Mobile Purchases Restricted Purchases made on the App store cannot be charged to your account
Premium SMS Restricted Mobile donations or pay-per-use text messages are disabled
Directory assistance (411) Restricted
Collect Calls Restricted